Recommendations On College Choice

It‘s highly recommended that early inside the college selection process, parents and student (s ) visit some schools to work out if they will be suitable. The standards that needs to be considered before any college is applied to incorporate :

o Average GPA, SAT I, class rank for acceptance

o The college should offer enough choices generally if the student changes their major

o Size, location, Greeks, religious affiliation

o Percentage of freshmen that return for year two

o Percentage of freshmen that graduate in four years

o Percentage of monetary need met

o Percentage of gift aid / self-help awarded

o On or off campus job opportunities

o Meal plans and dietary situations met

o Name recognition

o Student / teacher ratio

o Average class size, semester or trimester

o Percentage of professors who teach and percentage training assistants

o 2 or 4-year college or university

o Co-ed dorms

o Freshman cars permitted

o Handicap accessibility

o Cost from the sheepskin

Additionally it is recommended which you determine when the school uses a need-blind or need-sensitive admissions policy. Need-blind is really a practice in which the student is evaluated with no regard to family income or property. Need-sensitive is really a shameful policy utilized by a number of elite schools for example Duke, Emory and Stanford. These schools will admit a lower than qualified rich kid in anticipation of a giant contribution to their very own endowment funds. In essence, the wealthy family has bought an admission ticket to a college where their student might never have otherwise been accepted !

It is anyone's guess just how many other schools enrich their coffers during this deceitful, unprincipled manner. Duke has even been brazenly open relating to this policy, and I see it curious that shortly after reaching their $2 billion fund raising goal in 2003, they reduced their freshman acceptance percentage from 7. 5% to 4%. The lyrics of former U. S. Representative Shirley Chisholm (D-NY ) arrived at mind here,

When morality comes up against profit, It‘s seldom that profit loses.

Parents and student (s ) should result in the official unofficial visit to potential schools no later compared to the 10th grade. Colleges are constantly impressed each time a 9th or 10th grader pays a visit. By keeping in contact with officials you‘ve got met, in essence, you should have added points to both your GPA and SAT I scores by establishing a rapport. Once the time comes, administrators can associate a face along with your application. This helps a merely qualified student turn into a much more acceptable one.

However, before packing your bags and filling in the SUV with gas, have a checklist that includes the listed :

Confirm that all the things you intend to visit will certainly be open and, ideally, that school is in session. Ask lots of questions and become an attentive listener. Consider bringing a video camera or tape recorder for the notes regardless of how good your memory is. Understand who reads applications from the area and, if possible, try to satisfy having a reader and make sure to keep in contact with these.

Student athletes should meet having a coach or two. Listen to school radio station and obtain a copy from the campus newspaper. When the student has Greek intentions, visit some frat or sorority houses. Students should look into the dorm unannounced, introduce themselves to attending students and pick their brains.

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